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Renowned Endurance Runner. Executive & Personal Mentor.

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Alex Panayotou has achieved things that most people deem extraordinary. She has been dealt obstacles many consider insurmountable, yet has overcome these with strength, optimism, persistence and determination.

Alex Panayotou is an example of what she teaches, and her energy is unparalleled. In sharing her journey of transformation, obstacles and achievements she will show you that though we can’t always choose what happens in our lives, we can always choose to face everything with a positive attitude. Her exceptional athletic achievements combined with her background in psychology, philosophy and sociology have helped create programs that both inspire and transform individuals and professionals.

Her global work with senior executives as well as professionals in the medical world has given her a reputation as an expert in resilience. Working with her unique method helps teams and individuals set and achieve their goals, develop their strengths and obtain realistic balance. She is in addition a charismatic international motivational and TEDx Speaker.

During her 8 year athletic career, Alex ran more kilometres than many people have driven – including non-stop 400km and 315km solo endurance runs. During these years Alex developed her method and discovered the key tools and mindset that is needed to achieve greatness. In late 2017 her extreme running challenges were put in perspective when she was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer.

Practicing her own theory, and walking her talk, she turned a traumatic time into yet another opportunity for growth and development. Over the following year she underwent full chemotherapy, radiation and other invasive treatment. Throughout this time she focused fully on maintaining a healthy body and mind, and by summertime, while still undergoing treatment, she was back on the podium again.


Her story is inspirational and motivating. Overcoming obstacles and adversity with her positivity and energy shows us that if we approach life with the right attitude and are willing to change and adapt our behaviour and lifestyle, we can achieve more of our goals and live life to the fullest.


Her approach when working with companies and clients develops motivation, positive attitude, resilience, and long-term achievement.



Burnout, Balance & Wellbeing.

• Resilience
• Endurance
• Realistic work-life balance
• Tailored simple solutions
• Engagement & Happiness in the Workplace

Lead Through Excellence.

• Team & Leadership
• Engagement & Happiness in the Workplace
• Personal & Professional Excellence
• Positive Attitude
• Empathy, Emotions, & Interpersonal Relationships
• Self Motivation
• Conflict Resolution
• Communication

Rising Above Challenges.

• Embracing Change & Change Management
• Gaining from Challenges
• Courage VS Fears and Doubts
• Positive Attitude
• Excellence
• Motivation

Team Spirit.

• Generate & Nurture Team Spirit
• Cohesive Team
• Bonding
• Knowing Each Other
• Empathy, Emotions, & Interpersonal Relationships
• Personal & Professional Excellence
• Positive Attitude

The Power of Women in the Workplace.

• Topic dedicated to understanding and finding solutions to the challenges that women face in today’s society and in the workplace.
• Challenges for the workplace
• Tools to help her manage and thrive
• Assertiveness Development
• Finding your Voice
• Building Confidence

Realistic Happiness.

• Positive Attitude
• Dreams
• Balance
• Well-being
• Setting and Achieving Goals
• Self Motivation
• Confidence Building
• Self Belief

The Smile of Endurance.

This book is an inspirational journey seen through the eyes, mind, and heart of Alexandra Panayotou, an ultra endurance athlete who ran 2010 km in 31 days, promoting the European Athletics Championships - Barcelona 2010. Apart from taking you through the, at times, harrowing days and torturous nights, she will also take you with her on her inner voyage, allowing you to follow her thoughts and her emotions, and to participate in her struggles and triumphs. Motivational for both runners and non-runners alike, this book talks about reaching one's goals through personal excellence.

The Smile of Endurance.

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