Andini Makosinski


Inventor, writer, producer & host. Forbes Magazine´s 30 under 30. Founder & CEO, Makotronic Enterprises Inc.

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Andini’s innovations in green energy inspire others to invent their own solutions.


Andini is a 2020’s renaissance woman, inventor, popular in-demand speaker, and student with many passions in the sciences and arts. Her first toy was a box of transistors, which kickstarted her curiosity into discovering how the world around her worked. Her mother coming from a small village in the Philippines, and her father growing up during WWII-torn Poland resulted in Andini’s childhood filled with the belief that being given less would result in maximizing one’s creativity. Andini was told to make her own toys with her hot glue gun, which she did by piecing together spare parts and garbage she collected around the house.

At age 11, Andini began entering science fairs with her inventions, and competed at 10 science fairs before finishing high school. Her projects were in the area of alternative energy harvesting. Andini’s most famous invention was born out of her friend Maria’s problem, who lived in the Philippines and had reached out to Andini in distress when she failed her grade in school. Maria was unable to study at night, as her family couldn’t afford electricity or light. Andini invented the Hollow Flashlight, a flashlight that runs off the heat of the human hand. The Hollow Flashlight won at both the Intel Science and Engineering Fair and Google Science Fair. Her next invention was the eDrink, a coffee mug that converts the excess heat of your hot drink into electricity, giving your phone or iPod a boost of energy, which also won multiple awards.


Andini debuted both her inventions on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and began speaking globally, while working towards a degree in English Literature.


She has been named to both the Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 (Energy category) and Time Magazine 30 Under 30 World Changers lists. She was one of Glamour Magazine’s top ten College Women of the Year, one of seven of Teen Vogue Global Earth Angels, Popular Science’s “Breakout Young Inventor of the Year”, and named on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Young Millionaires” list.


Andini has appeared with Miley Cyrus for Converse, named the global brand ambassador for Uniqlo’s Heat-Tech fleece, and worked with Vice to create a campaign for the Google Pixel.


She studied acting for a year at Herbert Berghof Studios in New York City, while simultaneously working on a line of children’s toys that ran off of green energy. Andini is part of Julia Middleton’s global expedition to find a definition of leadership that resonates with women. She currently co-writing, co-producing and hosting an online series on Freethink “Your World On Money”, to be released in December 2022.

Andini is an Abundance 360 Scholar, and is also completing her English degree at UVic. Andini is one of the campaign faces of Maybelline’s new Green Edition makeup line, a major effort towards sustainable practices in the beauty space. She is writing her first book, focused on the Inventing Mindset, which is set to be released by a major publisher in Spring 2024.


Andini is also appearing as the conference host and panel moderator for the first NYC-edition Greentech Festival, created by F1 driver Nico Rosberg.


A Smattering of Places Andini has spoken at: McCann Erickson, Google, Forbes, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Red Bull, Singularity University (both US + Canada), the G7 in Turin, the Y20 in Argentina, Pictet Group private event, Rebel Girls, Kahoot!, Ulta Beauty, Girl Scouts of America, Global 4H Summit, Global Kumon Summit, We For She, King Abdullah’s University for Science and Technology, Zurich International School, Rukami Festival, FemInno, among others.



My Life, So Far.

Andini is frequently asked to talk about her own innovation journey, from early hot-glue-gun-and-garbage inventions, through the science fair world, to inspiring people young and old throughout the world. She offers insights for how others can manage a range of activities and influences to help encourage and catalyze others to spark meaningful change in their lives and the world.

Innovation at Any Age.

Is it possible to be too young or too old to innovate? To Andini, the answer is an emphatic “no.” Whether it’s helping parents to encourage their children to learn the process of innovation, or helping an older worker to kindle the mindset of an innovator, Andini shows how innovation isn’t just possible at any age — it’s a key element of a fulfilled life.

Rediscovering and Nurturing Your Own Creativity.

As children we are all creative, but as adults many of us feel that opportunities for creativity are continually leached out of our work. Andini shows how you can dust off, capture, and nurture your long-lost creativity.

Being Creative in a World of Constant Distraction.

Social and popular media can pull us into an endless cycle of distraction and despair. Andini offers a range of strategies for shutting out the noise, and focusing on creative activities that can help to spark a more positive life.

The Crucial Intersection of Science and Art.

The classroom subjects of art and science are completely separated in traditional schooling — a tremendous loss for both students and teachers . Andini shows how to rethink these two areas of study, offering a vision for a world of learning with no artificial boundaries between art and science.

What’s a Genius?.

We throw around the label of “genius” as if it only applies to a small cohort of innovators. Yet by exploring the meaning and origin of the word ‘genius’, Andini helps every person in the audience to realize that it is possible to become your own genius, creating and inventing solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow.

Inventing a World of Sustainability.

Everyone lives on a planet undergoing rapid change. Everyone can invent. Let’s put those two things together, and help everyone in the audience to
see how they can use their creative inventing and problem-solving skills to create a more sustainable world.

Using Simplicity to Tame Our Complicated Technologies.

Most Gen Z’ers would recoil in horror, but Andini’s first phone at college was an ancient flip phone. By embracing a simpler relationship with technology and social media, young people can reshape their use of the tools that infuse our lives, mitigating their negative effects and leveraging them to build a more positive life.