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CMO, Banca Mediolanum (2010-18). Founder & Managing Partner, I-DEAGATE. President & Founder, Grateful Foundation.

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Milanese, born in 1969, Oscar Di Montigny is an entrepreneur and angel investor, one of the leading global experts in mega-trends. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of I-DEAGATE, the first Humanovability Hub that supports companies in producing positive impact on the community and the planet. He is also the President and Founder of GRATEFUL FOUNDATION, a third-sector organization that promotes the dissemination of the value of gratitude.

Oscar di Montigny is also an internationally renowned speaker and advocate on major topics such as Innovation, Sustainability, Marketing and Communication, Corporate Education, and Positive Impact, speaking at corporate events, large companies, and organizations. He collaborates with the Italian and international academic world, from primary and secondary schools to prestigious universities, conducting research activities, keynote speeches, and seminars.

As an angel investor, mentor, and coach, he contributes to the development and support of projects and startups aiming to generate positive impact on the economy, society, and the environment. He is the creator of the “Spherical Economy®” principle and a systemic model for business development called Humanovability®”.

Simultaneously, after a decade in the tourism sector, he began his career in one of the nation’s largest banking groups, Banca Mediolanum. As a professional, he placed education at the forefront from the outset, both through the Mediolanum Corporate University (MCU), an educational institute serving the Mediolanum community that he founded and directed since 2008, and through Centodieci.it, the cultural platform of Banca Mediolanum that he conceived and launched in 2013.


As an executive of the Group, after holding the position of Marketing and Communication Director for nearly 10 years, he served for six years as Director of Innovation, Sustainability, and Value Strategy, in addition to being the CEO of Mediolanum Comunicazione and President of Flowe, a Group company since its inception and certified as a B-Corporation.


Throughout nearly 35 years of activity, he has consistently placed education at the center of his project as a fundamental element for personal and collective growth and development. He also collaborates with the Swiss startup Hypercube SA, specializing in technology applied to sustainability, whose blockchain-based solution enables precise, secure, and transparent tracking of the virtuous recovery and reuse of scarce resources with high environmental impact, with water being the primary among them.

Moreover, he has published the bestseller “The Time of New Heroes” with Mondadori, which soon became a radio format for Radio Italia, and the popular essay “Gratitude. The Necessary Revolution,” and with Rizzoli “6 x 2 – Six Short Lessons from Two Marketing Masters.”

SPHERICAL ECONOMY & HUMANABILITY: The two dimensions of the wise manager.

Oscar Di Montigny defines a new professional figure, the intelligent manager, a replicable model that could represent the future of entrepreneurship: a wise, conscious, creative leader and problem solver capable of experiencing gratitude and fostering it in others to build new social, cultural, and business models. A new generation of professionals with three main characteristics, drivers of their action:

> Entrepreneurial Mind - The mindset necessary to recognize opportunities and risks, overcome challenges, be decisive and always future-oriented, with clear, ambitious yet realistically attainable and sustainable business objectives.
> Social Heart - Always oriented towards collectivity and inclusivity, because unity in diversity is the only possible condition for the evolution of our species.
> Ecological Soul - An inherent and indispensable vision of sustainability.
> Conscious Spirit - The most intimate and profound vocation of every human being.

The Intelligent Manager is one who acts and works inspired by the principles of Spherical Economy®, a new economic paradigm devised by Di Montigny that returns to the human being the responsibility of consciously being the most impactful figure on the planet. Through its spherical dimension, the economy aspires to become something else, or better yet, to return to what it has always been: not only a science but also an art, the art of managing and administering family and state affairs well, producing not only wealth but above all prosperity. To achieve this purpose, it must evolve from a two-dimensional dimension to which it has been relegated by the sharing economy and the circular economy, to a three-dimensional, i.e., spherical, dimension, which will see the advent of "new heroes". According to Di Montigny, special human beings and protagonists of this new time who act within their sphere of influence, both in their own interest and that of their organization, as well as in the interest of the collective and the planet.

At the forefront of the concept now defined as 'Industry 5.0', Oscar Di Montigny incorporates all this thinking within a systemic approach called "Humanovability®", which is articulated in three axes of growth, development, and evolution: the centrality of the human being (Human centricity); innovation (Innovation); sustainability (Sustainability).

I-DEAGATE: The entrepreneurial adventure of Oscar di Montigny, to generate a positive impact on the planet.

This is the first Humanovability® Hub that accompanies companies in the production, valorization, and monitoring of their positive impact on the community and the planet. Through an ecosystem where innovation, sustainability, valorization, and human potential development converge, I-DEAGATE guides organizations by orienting them in an evolutionary process towards regeneration and transformation, and then towards growth, development, and evolution.

Together with some fellow travelers and thanks to prestigious partnerships, I-DEAGATE develops advisory pathways that lead companies to generate an advanced form of benefit, the "right profit," supporting actions based and measured on a model of impact across the seven dimensions of sustainable development (7P Model): Person, People, Partnership, Profit, Prosperity, Planet, Peace.

The goal is to evolve organizations from smart organizations to "wise organizations," spherical organizations composed of leaders, decision-makers, and collaborators who are aware of the social role of the company and assume the responsibility to transform themselves into "grateful managers" and their own organizations into "gratefulbrand®." How?

> Regeneration of organizations - Redefinition of leadership styles and governance models: intervention in organizational structures, identification and consolidation of corporate culture, educational training programs, and coaching.
> Innovation strategies - Implementation of blockchain projects to increase quality production, improving environmental sustainability, and ensuring transparency and security to the end customer.
> Sustainability strategies - Support in the process of becoming a Benefit Corporation, assistance in drafting the sustainability report, and impact assessment.
> ESG reporting to meet the "challenge" of the CSRD Directive - Technological and digital solutions that optimize workflows, valorize data assets, and allow real-time control of their own situation, increasing efficiency and transparency in operational scope and ESG accountability.
How is positive impact assessed? By measuring generated gratitude.

I-DEAGATE has developed the Grateful Balance®, a digital assessment that offers a clear and transparent evaluation of organizations' contribution to the United Nations' sustainable development goals and the creation of a more inclusive and humanistic economy (Spherical Economy®). Measuring generated gratitude provides a tangible indicator of the company's success in building positive, sustainable, and long-lasting relationships with its stakeholders.

Thanks to the integrated offering of the best tools available on the market, Grateful Balance® allows for the automatic generation of a simplified ESG report containing key sustainability indicators, including greenhouse gas emissions, worker metrics, and governance engagement, in a short amount of time. An integrated tool in a single suite, essential also for companies not yet obligated to be accountable but needing to provide ESG data to companies in their supply chain and financial institutions requesting it.

IN SEARCH OF NEW HEROES: The project of the Grateful Foundation.

From the natural evolution of a spherical and generative vision whose imperative is the improvement and orientation of its impact on the Whole, Oscar Di Montigny has recently established the Grateful Foundation, a third-sector organization that pursues informative objectives of the principles of Spheric Economy®, an economic model based on the value of gratitude and on the awareness of the centrality of the individual and their deepest aspirations that should guide them throughout their existence.

This is the context in which the Spherism movement develops, whose great aspiration is to achieve a new state of consciousness, both individual and collective, while simultaneously caring for the planet by promoting peace in a world that urgently needs it. And supporting those who work for the common good, through the production and transfer of knowledge in scientific-technological, economic, and humanistic fields; carrying out activities of study, scientific research, development of sustainable business models, and promotion of economic and social principles based on human responsibility. The objectives?

> Embrace and value the new heroes of consciousness, individuals with a deep vocation to elevate the consciousness and dignity of each person.
> Promote Collectivity, Reciprocity, and Sensitive Partnerships among human beings and virtuous partnerships between human beings and machines.
> Foster Prosperity and Just Benefit, as expressions of an evolutionary dimension that goes beyond mere material wealth.
> Care for the Planet and Peace: aware of the need to care for our planet and promote peace as an absolute value.

Gratitude: The Necessary Revolution.

From the author of "The Time of the New Heroes," comes a lucid and visionary analysis that anticipates this new era with great foresight.

We need creative problem solvers who think, feel, and act in new ways. Women and men who don't use their intelligence solely for personal gain, but also to uplift humanity, guiding the world with an entrepreneurial mindset, social heart, and ecological soul. We need conscious innovators: true generators of gratitude.

Climate change looms, democracy trembles, collective life and the market change faster than we can adapt. In these times of rapid technological innovation, we have neglected to address the direction we must impart to our actions. For Oscar di Montigny, it is urgent to once again place the human being at the center of every social system. Gratitude is the compass with which to orient oneself. Feeling gratitude and awakening it in others will be the path to building new revolutionary social, cultural, and business models.

Gratitude is the essence of coopetition: the integration of competition and cooperation, to always keep both individual and collective interests in focus. Gratitude is the soul of innovability: only by indissolubly linking innovation with sustainability can we truly reduce our ecological footprint. Gratitude is the decisive dimension for achieving a Spherical Economy, centered on the human being and therefore capable of pursuing harmonious, balanced, and inclusive growth. Thanking for what we have received as a gift on this Earth is the attitude that can reconnect us with the Whole of which we are a part, and awaken in us the vocation towards the Good, to once again place the human being at the center of our daily actions.

Di Montigny calls for the individual commitment and responsibility of all of us, New Heroes, because thanks to the vocation towards Gratitude we will be able to face the challenges of one of the most revolutionary epochs in human history.

Gratitude: The Necessary Revolution.

6 x 2 - Six Short Lessons from Two Marketing Masters.

The word is a way of life, a true unicellular entity that does not live only in the moment it is uttered. The word is the primordial principle of creation. But how much do words matter when it comes to doing business?

Words are the most powerful tool we have to make ourselves understood. And business narrative, if done well, has the extraordinary ability to inspire, excite, convey our values to the public, collaborators, and clients. And also to find new paths to start anew after a crisis. Language is not a neutral territory but a territory crossed by countless conflicts and extraordinary possibilities of peace: words do not just describe reality, they often create it.

For Oscar di Montigny and Oscar Farinetti, new words are needed, for a new audience, new markets, and new results. In these six brief lessons enriched with infographics and numerous practical marketing examples, they indicate the techniques for acquiring a more conscious and effective narrative to give voice to business content.

6 x 2 - Six Short Lessons from Two Marketing Masters.

The Time of New Heroes

We can all be heroes if we set our minds to it, everyday heroes: generous, with a calling to help others, eager to understand ourselves better and offer our best version to the community. There's something that connects us with mythological heroes, and it's that to reach our best version, we must embark on a journey that will require us to overcome challenges, conquer adversities, and ignore the sirens' calls of materialism, selfishness, pride, or appearances.

In this book, which combines advice, reflections, and personal experiences, Oscar di Montigny provides us with the keys to become these new heroes that these superficial, aggressive, and volatile times need.

The Time of New Heroes

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