Jenn Lim

CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness.


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Delivering Happiness combines the power and focus of a company mission and the grass-roots momentum of community movement to advance a culture of happiness in the world.


Jenn Lim is the CEO and CHO [Chief Happiness Officer] of Delivering Happiness [DH], a company she and Tony Hsieh [prior CEO of Zappos] cofounded to show how you can prioritize purpose, people, and profits to make an impact on the world.

In 2010, Jenn led the launch and management of Tony’s first book [Delivering Happiness] which sold over 1 million copies, was translated into 23 languages, and hit #1 on The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. It was also voted one of the best business books by NPR, Amazon, and Inc. Magazine.

With the book’s success, DH evolved into the world’s first coach|sulting® company to help businesses, governments, and health care systems actualize their own sustainable organizations with people and purpose for a positive ROI.


Since then, DH has inspired and helped over 400 organizations around the world create systemic change to ready them for growth, adaptability, and resiliency.


Jenn Lim was previously a consultant with Zappos from 2003-2011, during the years it grew from a startup into a billion-dollar business. At Zappos, she created the world’s first series of Culture Books, an embodiment of how companies can use culture for sustainable success.

Over her 20+ years of experience with DH and Zappos, she’s developed scientific frameworks for workplace happiness and modern org design, showing how — no matter what title or role — we can live more meaningful lives through the work we do every day.

Jenn also sits on the Global Happiness Council of Work and Wellbeing.

Jenn Lim’s new book called “Beyond Happiness” is due to be released in October, in this book she clearly and concretely shows the way the model works in a hyper-connected fast-paced world, beginning with each individual defining their sense of values and purpose (the ME), and rippling through the organization ecosystem (the WE and the COMMUNITY) in waves of impact.

Between dance parties and meditations, you’ll find Jenn working on her own purpose: for everyone to be their authentic MEs, build our WEs and COMMUNITIES, and impact the world…with humanity.

Culture is an Animal.

Bring meaning and insight into your organization’s culture and increase overall awareness in a fun and vibrant session.

• Use animal and car totems to peek behind conscious notions of the current and ideal culture
• Elicit qualities and build a vibrant image of the ideal culture for the organization
• Collaborate in small teams to build action items and present findings with real value

Culture of Happiness Levers.

Start your team down the path to profits, passion, and purpose using the Delivering Happiness model.

• Choose a bonding and meaningful experience in Progress, Control, and/or Connectedness.
• Understand how the levers influence motivation and culture.
• Practice the implementation of a Culture Action Plan.

Purpose in Action.

Why does higher purpose matter for your organization? Imagine what your company would be like if every employee identified their purpose and brought it to work.

• Learn how to TAP into personal higher purpose through Talent, Anger, and Passion
• Understand the link between personal and organizational purpose and the role they play in business success
• Inspire your employees to align their personal purpose with your company’s mission

Core Values that Matter.

Individual and organizational core values are the cornerstone of your company culture.

• Take the first step to happiness at work: uncover your top three personal values and how to live them.
• Experience the core values development process in a fun and meaningful exercise that results in a set of shared values.
• Understand Zappos’ 10 steps for a valuesdriven culture, and the impact of alignment.

WOW Customer Service.

How can your ideal culture lead to an enhanced experience for your customers?.

• Discover the value of embedding customer service into your company culture.
• Understand the core tenets and benefits of focusing on a WOW customer experience.
• Use Zappos-based tools and techniques to develop your own unique, WOW experience.

Measuring Happiness.

Defining, measuring, and benchmarking critical elements of your culture is a key driver for overall success.

• Take the Happiness at Work survey and review results collaboratively.
• Understand how assessment tools that prioritize values as Key Performance Indicators can drive your culture.
• Explore the Delivering Happiness roadmap to move beyond your results and empower every employee as a culture leader.


In Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Growth and Impact, Jenn’s innovation in organizational models begins with the atomic building block of sustainable success: the individual knowing their personal purpose and connecting it with the company’s mission.

The ripple effect of that alignment impacts the organizational ecosystem to include and enrich clients, customers, suppliers, and more. Drawing on a deep understanding of the science of happiness and how it needs to evolve with our changing times, Jenn provides case studies to show how companies can help employees connect their purpose and make a bigger impact on growth and success.

No matter what role you have—whether you lead a company, a team, or your own life—this book will empower you to get to the core of who you are, live the purposeful life you want through the work you do every day, and spread that power to others in your business and beyond.



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