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A Montessori child and a neotenic adult, Ivan Ortenzi is an expert in Corporate Innovation and Corporate Sustainability. Partner of BIP, a multinational management consultancy, as Group Chief Innovation Evangelist. Former CEO of Ars et Inventio, a consulting company focused on Corporate Innovation and Corporate Creativity purchased by BIP in 2014.


Author, lecturer, nonconformist speaker in corporate and public events, president of seminars and institutional meetings.


Ivan Ortenzi supports senior managers, CxOs and entrepreneurs by designing future business scenarios and implementing structured and systematic approaches to corporate cultural change, innovation strategies and leadership for sustainability.

He teaches Cultural Change, Innovation Strategy and Innovation Management at business schools and in many business development programs for managers and institutions: at EMBA ALTIS and EMBA TICINENSIS he teaches “Innovation strategy and management”, and “Design thinking” at the EMBA MIB.

He is the founder and scientific coordinator of MIM (Master Innovation Management) at Business School 24, and lecturer in BBS, LUISS and MIP.

Economist with specialization in “Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship” at the ESADE Executive Master. He studied ‘Sustainability Leadership and Corporate Responsibility‘ at the London Business School. Professor of “Entrepreneurship” at the University of Calabria – UniCaLab in the years 2019-2020 and2020-2021.

He is the author of “Innovation + Management” (2020) to support companies in the design and implementation of Innovation Management models (FrancoAngeli). In 2018 he publishes “Innovation Manager”, where he recounts more than ten years of experience as a consultant for Chief Innovation Officer in various sectors to design and implement innovative ideas and successful models of innovation. As a co-author, he writes a chapter on the relationship with technology in the book, Towards a New ‘Humanity’. He participates in “Managerial challenges and emerging paradigms” (Giappichelli 2021) on Innovability challenge.

In the book “Artificial Intelligence” (FrancoAngeli 2019) he makes an in-depth study on the future model relationships between human beings and artificial intelligences.

Ivan Ortenzi is the creator of the YouTube format: #FutureMirror and #FutureProof (more than 1,000 subscribers) his channel where he shakes all his passions with innovation: surfing, snowboarding, history, football, cinema, tennis and rock and roll.