We are sharing with you this new post writed by our speaker Rahaf Harfoush

This is a translated version of an article that was originally posted in French at Harvard Business Review France covering the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos. You can read it here.


At Davos, one of the central themes in addition to climate change was the role of technology in business and society. The implications of using these new tools are broad and expansive, with everything from cybersecurity, privacy, and artificial intelligence to automation, re-skilling and the future of work.


As governments debate how to best regulate these technologies on a policy level, business leaders are grappling with a major strategic consideration: the role of AI ethics within their own organizations and how that applies to the tools they are using or creating.

The “Decade of Trust”


In a panel entitled “Walking the Tech Tightrope: How to Balance Trust with Innovation,” the question of what responsibilities businesses have defining ethical technology practices was a main point of discussion. Specifically, how can organizations balance unlocking new market opportunities while also protecting society from the more harmful applications of these tools?


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