Chris Gardner speaker, conferencias, the pursuit of happiness

We share with you a post published in ‘CNBC’ in which you can learn more about Chris Gardner:

“This unparalleled effort eventually paid off. Gardner was able to pass his Series 7 Exam and moved on to proper employment at the firm, which officially got him off the streets for good. Aside from inspiring a hit movie, Gardner eventually started and sold his own firm, Gardner Rich & Co, and has since become a prolific philanthropist.

It’s a success story almost too unbelievable to be true, but that’s exactly what makes it so compelling. For some people, success is a lucky break. For Gardner, luck may have been on his side at times, but more than anything, his success is a result of sheer defiance of the odds. As he puts it, “you can be down and out, but only as down as you let yourself be”.” Not a bad lesson to learn.” (…)

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