Javier Solana

We share with you a post published in ‘Project Syndicate’ in which you can learn more about Javier Solana:

“But the economy is just the beginning. The war in Ukraine is bolstering the narrative that an inescapable ideological struggle between democracies and autocracies has taken hold. If this perception prevails, the world will inevitably split into geopolitical blocs.

This would be a tragedy for the countries of the Global South, in particular. These countries would face a fateful choice between two mutually exclusive geopolitical blocs. But regardless of which bloc they chose, global problems would still prove to be unmanageable – let alone solvable – without the other bloc.” (…)

Read more: https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/decoupling-after-ukraine-war-undermines-global-public-goods-by-javier-solana-2022-07