We share with you a post published in ‘Bitcoin Magazine’ in which you can learn more about Peter Diamandis: 

“Bitcoin equals abundance and can uplift every man, woman, and child in the world, according to serial entrepreneur, technologist, New York Times best-selling author, and TED Speaker Peter Diamandis in an exclusive interview with Bitcoin Magazine.


“Bitcoin is digitized currency and energy, and it is going to dematerialize a lot of institutions and demonetize and democratize access to this,” Diamandis said. “We’re gonna have regulatory challenges and institutional challenges for some time to come, but there’s a tipping point, at which point it’s irreversible.”


Diamandis explained that historically, exponential breakthroughs in different areas of society have shared a set of characteristics, namely their ability to be deceptive, disruptive, and digitized at first, which enables them to then demonetize, dematerialize, and democratize old technology in favor of new developments.(…)”

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