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Thinkers50 was established almost 20 years ago out of a desire to find the best ideas in business.


Every two years it seeks to rank the thought leaders of business – based on the ideas that have created most resonance in the business world, the most distinctive and communicative, the most practical and impactful.


Previous rankings, every two years, have felt a little like a homage to the grand old men of business academia: Peter Drucker, Michael Porter, CK Prahalad, Clay Christensen, and Roger Martin.


So what are the new ideas to win in today’s fast and dynamic world of Asian renaissance, entrepreneurial supremacy, social conscience and intelligent machines?


Here are some of the best new ideas emerging in business, which we will be celebrating at the Thinkers50 Global Awards later in 2019, and can help you find a new edge in leading your own organisation:


Alive at Work

I visit so many world-leading corporations where I am shocked by the lack of energy, humanity and optimism in the workplace. Leaders and managers worn down by corporate life, even if their companies are shaping markets and driving incredible innovations. So how do you bring work back to life?


Dan Cable’s research focuses on employee engagement and organizational culture. In Alive at Work: The Neuroscience of Helping Your People Love What They Do (HBR Press, 2018) the London Business School professor argues that the reason for unhappiness at work is biological: organisations are shutting off the part of our brain that craves exploration and learning, and he identifies the small changes that can make a meaningful impact and restore zest to work. (…)”


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