Richard Gerver

Richard Gerver, author of the number one bestsellers, Change: Learn to Love It, Learn to Lead It, and Simple Thinking: How to Remove the Complexity from Work & Life, offers a groundbreaking look into how the world is dealing with the challenge of unleashing human potential and embracing and leading change in the most uncertain of times. Richard Gerver, a former globally renowned and life changing school principal, has taken innovation by storm.

Richard Gerver contends that the key to the future lies in emulating their behavior. Our speaker notes the challenges faced by leaders in a rapidly changing world and highlights the importance of fostering a mindset that values curiosity and challenges conventional thinking.

Drawing on his experiences, Richard Gerver shares insights from working with a graduate intake at a prominent accountancy firm, where he observed a lack of interpersonal skills among bright individuals. He also recounts a conversation with Nobel Prize-winning physicist Barry Barish, who sought curious, three-dimensional individuals for his scientific team, emphasizing the importance of diverse interests beyond one’s profession.

Richard Gerver criticizes the prevailing culture of assumed incompetence in education and management, advocating for a shift toward embracing mistakes and challenges. He underscores the need for leaders to model vulnerability, encourage personal development, and promote collaboration over individual achievement. Our speaker believes that adopting the mindset of young children, who collaborate, share strengths and weaknesses, and approach challenges with curiosity, is crucial for navigating the complexities of the modern workplace.

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