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We share with you a post published in ‘CNN Business’ in which you can learn more about Steve Wozniak

“Steve Wozniak has a new — and potentially lucrative — passion: Space junk.

But the money, according to Wozniak’s co-founder in this new venture, couldn’t be further from the point. “I don’t think Steve [Wozniak] gives a damn about making another 10 cents, and I really couldn’t care less,” Alex Fielding, a longtime business acquaintance of Wozniak’s who will serve as CEO of the new venture, called Privateer, told CNN Business.

Privateer’s mission is to develop better tracking of objects in space, and to use this data to help avert disastrous collisions. To aid in this effort, Wozniak and Fielding brought in Moriba Jah, a PhD and orbital mechanics professor who has dedicated most of his life to academia and attempting to raise awareness about the ever-growing threat posed by the proliferation of debris and garbage in outer space. It’s a threat that could wipe out satellites that provide communications services to Earth or even bring space travel to a grinding halt. (…)”

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