The spiritual leader of the pack: While everybody is given potential in life, the issue of how to best maximize that potential and reach new levels of achievement is a problem that most people grapple with, and which few of us solve. Furthermore, having an innovative mindset is paramount to surviving and thriving in an ever-changing economic landscape, no less so for Chinese elites.


Luckily this summer, in an event organized by the California Personal Evolution Center (CPEC), the Institute of Psychology at Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce, Dr Deepak Chopra, the spiritual leader, named one of Time Magazine′s “100 Most Influential People of the Year” in 1999, will hold his first leadership forum in China.

He will be the first speaker in the series of events called, “The World is Within You,” and will be in Shanghai and Beijing, on August 11 and 14, respectively.

Fusing spiritual wisdom, spiritual leader, management consulting expertise, and lessons from his best-selling book The Soul of Leadership, Dr Chopra will bring audiences a whole new perspective on leadership and success.

Published in 2010, The Soul of Leadership has been hailed by the Wall Street Journal as one of the five best business books of 2011. In addition, the book is now taught at the prestigious Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Emphasizing mindfulness, meditation, awareness of emotions, as well as spirituality, Dr Chopra analyzes problems we face in the workplace, and discusses how to reverse negative attitudes and foster a harmonious working environment. Also emphasizing integrity, and a philosophy of success that is not measured by financial gains, this forum will provide a fresh perspective for Chinese managers.



The forum will focus on exploring and cultivating the inner dimensions of life that are imperative to the spiritual leader.

Among his other credentials, Dr Chopra is also a pioneer in psychosomatic medicine, and is a scholar in psychology, philosophy, sociology and theology. His deep insights, as well as his pronounced belief in “positive energy,” have established him as an American icon.

He has been a residential guest at the White House during President Obama′s tenure, and both Bill Clinton and the former Soviet statesman Mikhail Gorbachev consider him a pioneer in the field of psychosomatic science.

Famous supporters

In the media, he has closely cooperated with Oprah Winfrey, and has appeared on her talk show. Additionally, he was friends with Michael Jackson for 20 years.

In the US today, many people look to him as a source of inspiration and guidance, because of his ability to point the way to success.

“Chopra′s first trip to China bears great significance for the further development of China′s senior executives,” said Zhang Jianxin, vice head of the board for the Institute of Psychology Chinese Academy of Sciences. And he added that the series “The World is Within You,” will continue to invite world-class experts to give speeches on personal development, and to provide fresh perspectives on innovation and leadership.

The Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce, a supporting organization of the event, has stated that to listen to Dr Chopra deliver new insights on becoming a better leader presents the kind of opportunity that are “few and far between.”


Posted by Global Times